The Recoded Realm


             Dorcus Text 鍬甲圖本





The Recoded Realm


Reproduced Life/ The interface lexicon of artificial objects mixed with the phenomena of organic functions 

       With artificial objects connected to the external world, these media are also reconstituting the definitions of the body and its internal thoughts.  I have extracted images of the artificial objects that I have formed emotional connections with and mixed them with organic beings, such as the insects, plants, and microorganisms found in the space I exist in.  The results are a medley of creature-like forms, with the objective of representing the perceptual experience that the body has with the micro-matters in its dwelling place.

Mimesis / Artificial Naturalization    

      Intervention, habitation, growth, reproduction, attachment, extension, as life is artificially intruded upon, the distance between reality and illusion that spans beyond the visual distance is immeasurable.  The mimesis without the resemblance of the complete original form has shifted the focus to the remaining existential purpose.  Through direct physical labor and representation created with clay, the hand sculpted artworks extending beyond myself are simulacrum objects of me.